Speaking Topics

Do you need a speaker for your garden club, retail garden center, consumer garden show or horticultural wholesale tradeshow? Listed below are presentations BeeDazzled has ready to go. If you want something custom-designed for your employees or event, please contact us for next steps.

America in Bloom
Learn how your community can qualify for the America in Bloom contest.  Dawn will review the entry form with your city and local gardening club(s) to answer any questions. 2017 applications are due in February.

Gardening Through the Ages:
Frank Lloyd Wright, Ellen Biddle Shipman and Lord & Schryver Historical Landscape Retrospective
Seven degrees of separation connect Frank, Ellen and Edith Schryver from the East to the West Coast in the 1930s. Learn how these innovative, ahead of their time designers still influence landscape design and architecture to this day.

Espalier Apple Tree Pruning and Demonstration
Designed for middle school garden classes, Dawn reviews the history and economic impact apples have contributed to Oregon. Restorative espalier pruning demonstration available in either a classroom or school garden setting.

Exotic Plants for Your Home and Garden
BeeDazzled Media is pleased to announce a unique opportunity based off a six-week guided garden tour trip of New Zealand and Australia. Learn about new plants to try in your garden as well as where and how to find them locally. Dawn will cover her personal experience with growing these plants over the past few years. She will cover everything from astelia, savage lancewood, tree ferns, and more.

Grand Castles of the East Coast
When the Europeans traveled across the pond, they yearned to bring a little of home with them to the new world. Discover lavish estates bearing over 200 year old beech trees dotted with extravagant orangeries and greenhouses. Learn how husbands coaxed their wives with castles and gardens and how it changed the landscapes of America forever.

Houseplant Care and Patio Edibles
Living in an apartment doesn’t mean we lose our love of gardening. Learn tips and tricks on how to care for orchids, ferns, mini roses, begonia, cyclamen, Easter lilies and more. We will also cover patio containers to attract hummingbirds, detract deer and how to grow edibles and herbs on your apartment patio or deck.

Lilies and Pseudo-Lilies – Which Ones Are NOT Like the Others?
Lilies top my favorite plant list. From Asiatics, Orientpets, fragrant Orientals to the new di-and triploid varieties, the list is endless to enjoy and plant in your garden! A fun presentation includes a test at the end to determine attendee’s skills in identifying ‘true’ lilies from plants that have lily in their name. An OSU Master Gardener speaker’s bureau presentation.

Organic Gardening Tips and Tricks
Organic gardening isn’t tough - it’s actually simple and easy! Learn tips and tricks on how to use reuse breakfast eggshells, coffee grounds and banana peels in your garden to bring out the true beauty in your landscape.

Pruning Established Landscape Shrubs
Did you inherit a garden with overgrown shrubs and not sure what to do or where to begin? We will cover everything from photinia, azaleas, rhododendron, camellias and more. Pruning tools, books and techniques will be discussed.

Roses and Peonies Oh My!
Be afraid no more to prune roses! Whether a hybrid tea, climber, shrub, or tree form learn simple and effective techniques to promote healthy roses and more blooms! Bring your pruners and we'll show you how to prune a containerized rose to take home with you.

Rose Pruning 101 Demonstration Class
Be afraid no more to prune roses! Whether a hybrid tea, climber, shrub, or tree form learn simple and effective techniques to promote healthy roses and more blooms! Bring your pruners and we'll show you how to prune a containerized rose to take home with you.

Top Twenty Favorite Small Landscape Trees
(Customized for West and East Coast Consumers and Hort Trade)
What do Abies Koreana, Styrax Japonica, and Acer Griseum all have in common? They are three of Dawn’s favorite trees! New home construction trends are placing larger homes and ever shrinking lot sizes. Looking for the perfect tree to use in a small or tight situation? Explore columnar tree choices to consider when landscaping new or established gardens.

Twigs and Berries
Raspberries, huckleberries, blueberries, strawberries - oh my! We will cover new varieties such as the Brazelberries family. Learn how to take care of cane bearing fruits in small, urban gardens.

Under Development for 2017

Session 1: Create Bundling Products Across Enemy Lines to Produce Profits
Dawn Hummel will demonstrate how retailers can merge multiple product lines into a customized retail experience tailored specifically to their target market(s).

Session 2: Costing Out Bundles for Maximum Profits
How do you know if the products bundled together will make a profit? We will review how to build costing spreadsheets with all product inputs, labor, design, shipping, etc. including profit margins and retail pricing analysis to ensure healthy profit margins for your business.

Session 3: How to Reach Millennials Using Digital Retail Tips & Tricks
Each generation has their own way of preferred shopping. Millennials seek out convenience, custom experiences  and opportunities to purchase through their digital devices. Dawn Hummel will show you how to reach future target markets by optimizing your website, enewsletters, print campaigns and social media tips and tricks to engage and track your campaign effectiveness.

Please Note: Handouts will be provided to all attendees complimentary. Speaker fee is negotiable based off individual group requirements. Travel distance and gas from Beaverton, Oregon to speaking location is billed separately. Call to reserve your spot on our speaking calendar today!