Easy Hedge Program


  • Provide Lowe’s with a new and exclusive product line offering.


  • Create new Lowe’s SKU so each windowbox program can be tracked individually.
  • Expand bench space dedicated to Kraemer’s Nursery.
  • Educate consumers on how to create hedges and knot gardens.


  • Developed costing spreadsheet analyzing production costs, suggested margins and retail price.
  • Sourced Canadian windowbox supplier.
  • Trialed hebes, ericas, daylilies, azaleas and boxwood.
  • Created logo, took photography and hang tag design using Canon EOS digital camera, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Coordinated Spanish translation with Lowe’s internal marketing team and Horticultural Printers.
  • Worked with external law firm to trademark Easy Hedge.
  • Sourced Hort Printers with specialty tag printing and plastic tag stake holder.
  • Trained dock workers on racking, labeling, tagging and quality control before product shipped to distribution centers.
  • Tracked sales with Lowe’s Account Manager to measure new program success by patch region.


  • Successfully launched two SKU’s in spring 2011: boxwood and azaleas.

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