Potted Herb Window Box

Box store consumers are trained to grab and go. The mixed potted herb window box was created to be cash-and-carry ready. The fold-over plant tag was created in Spanish and English, featuring tear-off recipe cards showcasing plant material in the container.

Design and Product Challenge

Extend windowbox product line with new offering in 2012.


  1. Create new Lowe’s SKU so each windowbox program can be tracked individually.
  2. Expand bench space dedicated to Kraemer’s Nursery.
  3. Educate consumers on how to use herbs on the grill.
  4. Secure QR code from Lowe’s. QR code content suggestion: UTube cooking video and/or herb plant fact pages.
  5. Secure herbs with longer retail shelf life.
  6. Select herbs that require minimum pruning to keep nursery production labor costs down.


  • Researched local growers with quality liner material at low cost.
  • Developed costing spreadsheet analyzing production costs, suggested margins and retail price.
  • Sourced overseas sun resistant, custom windowbox supplier.
  • Researched and refined herb recipes in home kitchen.
  • Sourced herb cooking photos through Vision Pictures.
  • Translated  English to Spanish using Google's online translator.
  • Tag printed on both sides: English and Spanish per Lowe’s standards.
  • Recipe card perforated so consumer can keep on file.
  • Tags and stakes provided by Hort Printers.

Sample potted up herb windowbox and tag  presented to Lowes in September 2011.


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