Small Fruit Packaging

At the Cultivate15 tradeshow, there was a wide variety of holder options for multi-pack plants. When this was conceived, these were not an option. This concept was designed in the United States and printed in Australia.


  • Provide Lowe’s with a new and exclusive fruit product line offering.
  • Produce packaging that features one early, mid and late variety.
  • Ensure each plant has its own 4” fruit varietal stick tag for weights and measure compliance.
  • Create something similar to fruit pot wraps to make assembly for dock workers quick and easy.
  • Make it an easy decision for consumer to place in shopping cart.
  • If program successful, expand to other SKU’s for additional bench space
  • 2013 targets: raspberries and strawberries.


  1. Create a pre-packaged ‘gift’ line using plant material.
  2. Educate consumers on why planting three blueberries will produce more fruit in their garden.


  • Worked with inventory department to source blueberry liners.
  • Developed costing spreadsheet analyzing production costs, suggested margins and retail price.
  • Sourced Australian specialty retail printer for easy to carry ‘purse’ style holder constructed out of fade and water proof plastic.
  • Took blueberry photography and created box art with supplied pdf template using digital camera, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Recipe on side panel #1, SKU sticker on side panel #2.


  • Focus group survey results: Grab’n Go impulse buy confirmed amongst female participants along with suggested retail price points.
  • Launch date: April 2012

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