Trunk Wrap


  • Nursery purchased 10,000 liners in 2008 after successful production trial.
  • Tree does not come into leaf and bloom in Oregon until mid-July.
  • Design a simple, easy to apply trunk wrap to keep handling time by dock workers to a minimum.


  • Decrease tree inventory numbers from a labor/maintenance standpoint.
  • Increase tree sales in ‘off-peak’ seasons and fill minimum truck orders.
  • Show consumers the “promise” of the tree when it comes into full bloom.
  • Deploy to both box store and independent garden center channels.
  • Protect smaller branches near base of tree during shipping.


  • Took photography of tree in bloom and leafed out in summer 2010.
  • Researched other tree wraps in local garden centers for content ideas.
  • Created four concepts and presented to team for approval.
  • Always looking for one word to entice consumers - ‘yum’ concept won.
  • Created ‘bloom’ and production files in Illustrator.
  • Sourced chocolate drip through Getty Images stock photography.
  • Created blend of leaf into chocolate using Photoshop.
  • Sourced trunk wrap printing through HIP Labels.
  • Wraps arrived December 2010, deployed with dock workers trained in January 2010.


  • Overall tree sales in January and February 2011 increased.

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