Retail Consulting Services

BeeDazzled Media is an expert in improving revenue for independent retail garden centers

Here's what we do, and how we do it:

  • We develop hands-on experts who are passionate about retail.
    We provide tools to increase sales and customer delight, leading to repeat sales.
  • We offer edu-tainment, which is critical for customer engagement.
    We walk through the nursery with the staff to offer color trends and display advice. We teach staff the psychology behind why people buy - what they do and the all-important impulse/add-on sales purchases at the cash wrap.
  • We educate employees, who will make your customers successful.
    We have a proven track record of improving sales through 90-second sales tips and techniques. We ask about specific pain points everyone has during the busy season. And we provide real-life solutions based on our retail experience.
  • We provide on-site reviews of sales processes.
    We evaluate the total customer experience - from the parking lot, garden center, POS system, marketing programs and customer interaction with staff. We work with the marketing team on the nursery's enewsletter, social media, and website.
    Consultation time can include logo branding, SEO and Google Analytics analysis, as well as print material review.
  • We follow through after our consultations.
    We provide a personalized report with a step-by-step action plan in a timely fashion, so you can implement changes quickly. We follow up with a phone call one month after the consultation.

Half day services = $500 total

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It — Email or Call These References Today

Jerry Fritz
Linden Hill Gardens

Stephanie Cohen
The Perennial Diva

Joyce O’Connell
Glenn Walters Nursery

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